Inexpensive Pen as Palm Stick?

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. I’ve heard of tactical pens before, but an inexpensive pen that’s made to just function as a pen??? No way. Well, my response is that it all depends on how sturdy the pen is. In the image above I have featured a very durable but inexpensive pen that’s meant just to be a pen. This four piece set from Jin Hao only costs $12.45!!!! I take a Jin Hao pen with me almost anywhere I go. They are incredibly inexpensive…often under $4 a pen!!! I’ve never been questioned at an airport for carrying my stylish Jin Hao. So, the next time you want to carry a kubotan but you’re afraid it might not be legal, check out the inexpensive Jin Hao instead of the pricier (and potentially problematic—legally speaking…and certainly at airports) tactical pens. For more information on such make-shift palm sticks, check out my book, Palm Stick Self-Defense Guide, which sells for only $2.99 on Kindle, and $10.99 with full color images in paperback.

Inexpensive Pen as Palm Stick?

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